Born and brought up in a highly cultured family of educationists and lofty moral values, Sai Suman diverged early into the path of creativity and fashion. Chiseled into a designer by (NIFT) National Institute of Fashion Technology in Mumbai, she further enhanced her creativity from London College of Fashion and exclusive workshops in USA. But this was only the beginning. To explore her design sensibilities even further, she went on to do graphic designing in Dubai.

Sai Suman’s journey of design began with judging fashion shows, choreographing shows, working as a design consultant, a fashion designer, and a stylist in the world of Bollywood (Indian Film Industry). She is now a successful entrepreneur and has already made her own mark in the export market and international fashion runways around the world.

Sai Suman loves to blend western fashion with a traditional touch of handwork, giving birth to extremely new and unprecedented fashion statements. She likes experimenting with her designs to create uniqueness in her style and to conjure trendsetting collections. She not only does styling for Bollywood models and actresses in India, but has also recently bagged styling opportunity for celebrities in US at such a young age.

In October 2012, Sai Suman launched her Spring/Summer collection at Dubai Fashion Week. Her work proved to be one of the show’s most eye-catching collections, establishing her instantly as a name to reckon with among other international and creative fashion designers featured in Dubai fashion week. She also happened to be one of the youngest designers in the show.

What followed was the Winter Festive Collection at Blender’s Pride International Bangalore Fashion Week and the New York Couture Fashion Week where she showcased yet another splendid haute couture collection. Her creative work was soon the talk of the town. Over the next few years she garnered a considerable fan following and fame in international markets, leading to more show and styling offers from multiple magazines, agencies and entertainment companies. She has been invited to participate in many upcoming shows in Bangkok, Paris, Cannes and other states in USA.

Sai Suman has always been inspired by the future vision of fashion. Her forte has been in haute couture and she aspires to transcend from Bollywood to Hollywood to leave an unforgettable global impression.

Her designs speak loads about her relentless passion. She has moved beyond being an entrepreneur and has established Aarsshika - the designer vault. She has exported her designer kaftans, Indian apparels, and haute couture to UK, New York, Dubai and Bahrain with absolute finesse and perfection.

She has also manufactured designer chiffon tunic for AKARU label at the Dubai airport. From catering to big names in wholesalers to boutiques in Mumbai, to customized bridal designing for private clients, models and celebrities, Sai Suman has done it all.

Today, Sai Suman is one of the world’s most promising young designers loved and recognized for her unique style and artistic expressions within and beyond the international design fraternity.